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Breathing in Freedom

Feb 01, 2018 | Comments 0

For many of us, we have our signature touch in life, don’t we? :) For me, it’s like right now....soft music, sipping something hot and comforting, praying or writing in my journal (which is usually still a prayer.) Did I mention I love blogging a ...

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I’ve Been Given a Handful of Pearls

Jan 25, 2018 | Comments 0

Thursday Throw Back~9-16-13 The house is quiet. The day stretches before me as royal carpet rolled out. I get the blessed opportunity to tread upon that carpet. It's fresh, vibrant, pure, untarnished. God's grace is my clothing cause He is Grace. ...

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Life-Giving Words

Oct 05, 2017 | Comments 1

I love blogging but as a busy Proverbs 31 mommy, nurturing, creating cozy spaces in our home, alongside cooking, cleaning, and successfully building a business from home as well, sometimes my blogging takes a backseat. Writing and sharing is such a d ...

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The Warmth of Autumn

Sep 26, 2017 | Comments 0

Autumn, ironically to me it's the season of warmth. With its chilling temperatures and its final send off of summer, has me lighting spiced apple candles, playing Christmas music, and anticipating cozy evenings indoors. Autumn in its preciousne ...

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"Beggar clothes to a Princess Wardrobe"~(tbt blog 4)

Sep 21, 2017 | Comments 0

"But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To Him be glory both now and for ever." II Peter3:18  The sun now over the horizon....a cup of coffee cooling beside me....the sounds of nature tickling my ears....and ...

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Intrinsic Joy and Gut Health Happiness~Wellness Wednesday

Sep 20, 2017 | Comments 0

Ohhh I love today's blog topic! As a mommy I know full well our ups and our downs of emotion! I knew for years that body, soul, and spirit were somehow beautifully connected. I was intentional in getting my physical rest, and my quality quiet t ...

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Our Growing Investment...God's Way (tbt blog 3)

Sep 14, 2017 | Comments 0

August 3, 2012... "Our growing investment....God's way" Sometime while I've been busy being this handsome young man's mommy, (our son Michael!) he passed me up in height!:):) Psalm 144:12a,15 That our sons may be as plants grown up in thei ...

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Wellness Wednesday~Healthy Blessed and Less Stressed Mama

Sep 13, 2017 | Comments 0

To you beautiful Mama~yes I'm talking to you. ;) You're in a hugely busy season right now. You're juggling a lot of balls, soccer practice, dance class, homeschooling and trying to stay one day ahead smarter than your kiddos, right?! But you're in a ...

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God Is Faithful

Sep 13, 2017 | Comments 0

This morning I surrounded myself with my favorite early morning delights, consisting of soft worshipful music, candles softly glowing, and a cup of coffee. Oh and not to forget the comfy fuzzy blanket! Then I sat quietly with my Kingly Daddy. It' ...

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Old Fashioned Outdoor Summer Fun (tbt blog 2)

Sep 07, 2017 | Comments 0

July 27, 2012 Summer is fully upon us and with it comes that "need" to get wet! And there are many compromising ways to accomplish that! So......what started out as good clean wet summer fun.....well...the photos tell the story!!:) (Photos not y ...

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Wellness Wednesday~Garden of Life

Sep 06, 2017 | Comments 0

I love the picture of our gut as a garden~a veritable garden of life. If we take care of in creating a lovely garden of our life, our health often times is able to flourish. But if we neglect we could very well be compromising a healthy flourishi ...

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Strengthened to Simply Rest

Sep 05, 2017 | Comments 1

Psalm 62:1-2 "For God alone my soul waits in silence; from him comes my salvation. He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall not be greatly shaken." It's something but as I look out over my past in my walk with God...nearly my whole ...

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Welcome to our Family Blog (tbt blog 1)

Aug 31, 2017 | Comments 0

Throw Back Thursday! On Tuesdays pop in for a brandnew blog and on Thursdays for my beautiful throwback blogs as it's my heart to move all my previous blog posts here to their new home! Today's blog I'm sharing is short and sweet and is my very f ...

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A Gift Wrapped in A Promise

Aug 29, 2017 | Comments 0

I found myself reading in amazement and longing in Luke chapter one of how the angel was telling Zacharias that his son John would be born and even from his birth he would be filled with the Holy Ghost. I thought, "Wow, to be given that promise o ...

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The Source of Delight

Aug 22, 2017 | Comments 0

I've been sitting here quietly in the dark family room by an open window. There's something about the house quiet and I'm sitting visiting with my precious Savior. He's shown me more things in the quietness. I've gleaned more wisdom from the quietnes ...

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In The Morning When I Rise Give Me Jesus

Aug 15, 2017 | Comments 2

The morning sky still looks like it's waking up. It has the taletell streaks of early morning. As I sit on my front porch it's anything but quiet with the morning work commute. I miss the days of a quiet porch sanctuary when the only noise was t ...

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Archived Post from the Past

Aug 12, 2017 | Comments 0

Originally posted on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2016: I smile as I snuggly settle the warm throw covers about me to the sound of God's chirpy winged creatures coming through the open windows. I feel delight seeping through my inner heart. My early ...

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